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Download the Digital Handbook of Technologies in Migration : A compilation of insights in the field of media and migration

While digital technologies are a powerful tool that enable refugees to rebuild their lives in host societies (for example, find a job, learn the language, make friends, move around a new city, etc.), they can also harm them in less visible ways: datafication of refugees, surveillance or gig-work precarious conditions are a few examples. However, despite the relevance of digital media in the lives of refugees, we still do not know much about how they actually engage with these technologies, their perceptions, motivations, skills, and emotions while using ICTs; How does their creative and tactical use of media shape their everyday life and place-making experiences?

Download the Digital Place-makers' Handbook: A field guide to Participatory Video workshops

How to ensure the inclusion of all voices involved in a PV project without overshadowing its diversity? How to guarantee the agency and autonomy of participants while balancing the interests of researchers? What technical challenges are most pressing in developing a PV project and what tools are useful for overcoming them? In refugee-focused research, these are crucial questions that are only recently being addressed. Therefore, our aim with this digital handbook is to contribute to this complex discussion in a practical way that can be applied by all those who bet on Participatory Video as a methodology capable of yielding outstanding opportunities within and beyond the field of migration research.


Methodological article

Sarria Sanz C., Alencar, A. & Verhoeven, E. (2023)

Program Overview


Media Map


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