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In this section you will find updated news about the project activities
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Translocal Solidarity Event by Just Sustainability Transitions.

Guest Speaker: Camila Sarria Sanz

On April 19th Camila Sarria-Sanz (project researcher) participated in the Translocal Solidarity Event hosted by Just Sustainability Transitions, to share the lessons learned during the Translocal Lives Research Project. The event focused on the struggles and delights of working with translocal networks for justice and sustainability, and included 5 panelist from diverse countries.

Click here to know more about the event!

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Screening Night event: a celebration of all the participants' stories and great work!


On February 26th we finally celebrated the closing of this wonderful edition. More than 50 people attended the Screening Night of the Digital Place-makers program where participants shared their films with their loved ones, family and the local community of Rotterdam. We celebrated this event at Kino, a movie theatre in the heart of the city.

Click here to watch the movies online!

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Translocal Lives Research Project: Online Expert Meeting with Stakeholders.


After 2 months in the Digital Place-makers program, 11 participants have written and produced short films in which they share their perspectives on place-making in the Netherlands. To disseminate the results of the program, we have co-organized an online Expert Meeting in which participants will lead a discussion about their short films, highlighting their findings and their experience during the program.

Click here to see the online Expert Meeting full program.


Jaber Mawazini, a team member of our research has been interviewed in De Telegraaf.


The 38-year-old Jaber Mawazini from Geuzenveld made an 18-day journey as a refugee from Syria six years ago. He has studied in the Netherlands, learned the language and is a member of a sounding board group of the municipality of Amsterdam. He has been nominated as Best Newcomer, an election in which exemplary refugees are put in the spotlight.

Click here to read the full interview in English.

Image by Brands&People

The Digital Place-makers program is starting tomorrow, September 4th.


We have finished the interview stage with the participants and tomorrow, Saturday 4th of September, we will start the second phase of the project: a 6-week program in which the newcomer participants will experiment with different photography and filming techniques to create, produce and edit their own empowering digital narratives. 

Activity 1- Keynote on DPM.png

"Digital participatory methods for research on media and migrants", by Amanda Alencar.  


This keynote introduced an ethnographic approach to a digital participa-

tory research design that uses images, films, videos to document and to co-producing knowledge with refugees about the extent of their everyday digital practices and how they shape their experiences of everyday life (and of their communities), identities, belonging, and aspirations.

Click here to watch the full lecture

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Digital participatory approaches to media and migration studies at the RMeS Summer School 2021 on Media, Inequalities and Social Change


This workshop focused on how digital participatory research methodologies can help create knowledge as a collective through different forms of collaboration, education, and action, whilst also centering on migrants’ world views, agency, and experiences.

Click here to find out more details about the workshop

Image by Nathan Dumlao

First gathering with the participants of the Digital Place-makers Program starting in September 2021


On July 15 and 16 we met with the participants of the program to get to know each other better and share with them a little more about the contents we will be learning and exploring starting the 4th of September.  Visit our resources page to explore these contents!

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