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We are exploring the crossroads of Migration and Technology

Translocal Lives offers a dedicated space for in-depth investigations into how technology intersects with migration. Through research, education, and practical projects spanning diverse settings, we delve into the complexities and contradictions of technology adoption by migrants. Our aim is to foster a nuanced understanding of the interplay between social, economic, cultural, and political contexts. By providing an inclusive platform, we encourage the exchange of knowledge and ideas to address the multidisciplinary challenges posed by migration and technology.

Our Three Lines of Work

With an aim to foster enhanced understanding and diverse perspectives on the multidisciplinary challenges posed by migration and technology, Translocal Lives strives to create an inclusive space for the exchange of knowledge and ideas. We do this through three lines of work.

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We showcase research by scholars, students, and professionals exploring the intersection of migration and technology, along with their key findings and outcomes. This platform is open for anyone to submit their projects.

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We are creating a central hub for guides and resources useful for projects in this field. These tools are designed to facilitate more robust, ethical, and reflective research practices and can be applied beyond the field of migration.

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We feature the perspectives of individuals whose lives are shaped by migration, as well as those interested in engaging with the topic. Our aim is to build a vibrant community that reflects on and discusses these crucial issues.

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